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Artist Statement...

So a fellow in the DeviantArt ArtScene posted this forum thread which I found very interesting...in all my inner journeys of the self that I go on as I drive back and forth from Atlantaville this is a subject that I have hardly touched on. 

"So why do you do what you do? Have you ever thought about it? What is the goal of your work? What do you hope to achieve with your paintings or drawings etc.? Why do you work in the way you do and why is your subject what it is?

If you have no reason for doing what you do other than "i like to draw people" or "I like comics and anime so thats what I draw"....don't reply."

Here is my answer...although I may expound on it later....

"I create what I create because I want to share the bizarrely whimsical world of my imagination so that others may enjoy it or alternatively be a little worried by it. I want to make people smile, increase their sense of wonder, and to have a good time with art. I want to make art accessible to everyone, even those who don't think they know much about it, because art is part of life and everyone should be able to be a part of that!

I create the way I do because I love color. Life is full of color and if art is part of life then color should be part of art.

I pick the subject matter I do because I want to appeal to the sense of youth and fun that lies in even the stodgiest old man."

Maybe I should add that to my profile as an official artist statement...not being a traditional art student I never had to do those before...

Hmmm....much to ponder....but now Pirates of the Caribbean!!! Woot!

Another Day...

...another to-do list.

Sad thing is if I don't have these  I lose track of everything I am supposed to do.  I don't have any commissions at the moment which is good and bad at the same time...BUT I can go ahead and start focusing on Christmas cards...woot!

1.  Finish pricing list!  [if I could just get it done I wouldn't have to worry about it any more!!!]
2.  Print more flyers
3.  Post said flyers
4.  Create Christmas themed flyer??? [not sure yet if I want to do that]
5.  Design new business cards [actually ran out of the old ones!]
6.  Finish my Creature of the Week design.
7.  Finish signing all of my newly finished bookmarks
8.  Catalogue/categorize all newly finished bookmarks 
9.  Work on Christmas Cards
       -list of people
       -brainstorm ideas

Not toooooo long of a list..hehe we'll see how much of it I actually get done this weekend!!


Some Old Favorites...

 These are just a few old favorites of mine, pulled from my DA site.  This is mostly because I don't really have much ready for upload at the moment....I just finished making a GIANT book for a show I'm working on...as soon as I can get some pictures of it I will upload and share!  

First Time...

So I haven't written much lately because I've been busily preparing for my first art show of sorts. Tonight was the opening night reception for Gainesville Theatre Alliance's WonderQuest production of Snow Dragon, an original play by Gay H. Hammond.

Because it was an original script the teachers always complain that they don't have a storybook to teach their classes about the story before they come to see the show. So this year we made a storybook! Gay wrote the book and I was asked to create several paintings to be used as illustrations for the online book to be sent out to teachers. I will upload those pictures shortly, as soon as I get the cd back from the printers!

Anyways, I did it for free [Sheilah says I should have charged!] with the agreement that I could sell prints of my work at the three public performances with a 'Meet the Artist' table at the reception tonight. Thus started the crazy roller coaster ride that was my life the past few weeks. Had to get my work photographed, sent to the printers, had to get the colors right at the printers [GAH!!!], spent 8 hours shrink wrapping 80 prints, had to get originals framed-get everything there tonight, eat dinner, watch and try to enjoy the show while not thinking about the art stuff, and THEN I get to get out there and be at my table!! Oh yeah, in addition to working three jobs and driving to Atlanta every other day!

Overall it was a good experience, and I even sold a few, which I was happy with considering the crappy economy! But it was also a good ego boosting experience, and when I say that I don't want to sound egotistical, but the positive feedback made me feel a little less nervous about putting my artwork out there on public display. I usually get nervous to the point of ulcers when I have to let people look at my artwork, being self-taught and all. However, everyone was very complimentary, and although you can't pay rent with that it does help in the long run. I think now that I've had a taste of it I like it and will look into local art shows. Because if I can build up a stock of prints it will be a lot easier to organize next time, and who knows one day this just might become a real job!

So hopefully I will sell a few more tomorrow and next weekend, but at this point whatever happens I'm just excited I've had my chance to break into the art world with such fabulous support!

I'd like to thank the people who helped:
Sheilah Welsch - my stepmom, framer, art show coach [hehe!]
Sean Johnsen- icardnow.com the printer, very patient and nice to work with, great work too!
Steve Welsch- for being supportive as ever
Kalin Kennedy- for being my human calculator and monetary advisor [he makes sure I make money doing this!]
Gay Hammond- for the opportunity to work on such a beautiful story [we need to make an actual published book now!]
Beth Kendall- for all her logistical help and support, and actually putting together the story and illustrations of the book!

I hope that I haven't forgotten anyone, if that has happend know that I truly appreciate all your help!  I still have plenty of prints if people are interested just shoot me an email and I'll get one to you!


...is coming soon. I promise!!

Working three jobs and going on vacation has kept me pretty darn busy! I will properly update soon!

I do have some good news: I will be making prints of my four Snow Dragon pieces and selling them at the opening night reception for the play!

So in addition to working three jobs I will be working on that as well! Sheilah [my stepmom] is helping me out so between the two of us I think we can make it successful!

Off to go play with photoshop-ness!

My First Official Commission!!!

I just finished, and sold my first officially commissioned painting that is not theatre related!! And they love it!!! Pictures coming soon! **Does a happy dance** Ok, enough of that. Now onto the next projects!

1. Snow Dragon Illustrations [more detail on that later!] Deadline September 10th
-create illustration list
- create timeline

1.5 Sleep some....

2. Finish my Children of Destiny bookmarks

3. Create a list of local stores to sell bookmarks.

3.7 Eat some ramen....

4. Work on Halloween Art
- bookmarks
- Captain Hook as grim reaper [squee!!]

5. Piece of work on the theme of "Connections" for Tara's silent auction in November

6. Piece of Sandman inspired art for Heather.

There is more but I think that is a start. I don't want to get too overwhelmed. Lists are useful but if they are too long I think my brain will explode some more...that's all. Off to rehearsal.


I sold two bookmarks today!!!

Two pink dragons for my boss Lorenne! At 10$ I could actually make some money if I could sell larger quantities of them-although twenty bucks ain't nothin' to sneeze at!

I'm looking into small bookstores and gift stores I can sell these at, and next year I am going to try for the Decatur Book Festival, it's too late for this year I think....But yay! Money is good...we like money

Wheel of Time WIP Shots

Marketing Stuff!!!

So I've finally had time this summer to create some flyers to post around to help advertise my artwork and that I am taking commissions. I ended up making three different ones because I got bored and have waaaaay too muchfun with Photoshop. So without further ado here are Tofu Toast Studios Marketing Flyers v1.0

Old Artwork

Not the best photographs, but you get the idea. This is a Father's day card that I made....not sure when, but I like it! I've always liked the kind of weird art nouveau-esque abstract images. [If THAT made any sense!]

In other good news I now have internet at home so the best way to get in touch with me about artwork is through email: lainey_welsch@yahoo.com

This also means: MORE UPDATES!!!!

This makes me happy anyways. ^___^