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Cross Post

So I just posted quite a bit of new stuff on my DeviantArt The only problem is that with this new scanner I am still trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to get the colors right. So right now some stuff still looks a little funky!

But without further ado here is some of the new stuff I have:

"Just a Tree"
"Wind Bookmark"
"Fire Bookmark"
"Scared Bunny"

Also I am taking a cue from my friend Serena And will be offering five pieces of free postcard art to the first five people who leave there name and what they want on the piece on my Deviant Art page. I would do more but I am swamped with other projects and an art show coming up, But if this goes well I'll do this again later, because I like doing artwork for other people!

Off to build props now! Have a lovely day!