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The Abyss...

I am about to start painting my largest watercolor ever...15x20"...and to be honest I am a little nervous. I have a whole stack of smaller watercolors that I have drawn but haven't painted yet for the same reason...I don't want to mess them up...

I think I just need to slap myself and stop doubting my skills, and GET ON WITH IT!!!

Sorry for this rather self indulgent, whiney post...I'm going to kick my butt into gear and the rest of this week I am going to churn out two new paintings and a rocking chair for my cousin!! I am-I'm gonna do it!

Just you wait and see!!

More Painting!

Inside Out Sautee

So I spent yesterday working on some projects at my stepmom Sheilah's storeInsideOut Sautee.  It is a fabulous store full of great art, home decor, cool lamps and eventually my artwork!  I am doing some custom furniture painting for her and I did the base coats yesterday.  A pretty robin's egg blue and a creamcicle orangey yellow one.  Today, after I go get my paint from Gainesville I am going to go add the details.  
Morning glories on the blue stool, and possibly poppies on the orange stool.  Not so sure about the orange stool yet,  I will need to ponder some more...
Perhaps I'll just do something funky like this on it...could be interesting!
Hopefully I will get to take pictures today before finishing them!

I broke down...

I am now on Twitter...against my better judgement!  But now you can follow my artistic endeavors [all four of you!] on Twitter.  I warn you, I may forget to update...or possibly get addicted, not sure which one yet!  We'll see how this goes!

Off to shower and face the day!

Onwards and Upwards

So a lot of things have been happening here recently, some art related some not so art related.  The biggest and most interesting probably being STEAM Fest.  You can read all about itHERE as I am feeling lazy and not wanting to regurgitate all the details here.

The biggest success, artistically speaking was the costumes for the characters Caliban and Ariel for the formal staged reading of HMS Tempest that was the highlight of the festival. 
 Caliban was the first theatrical costuming adventure that made it from initial concept sketch to finished product while retaining most of my originalideas.  Allow me to show you, as it will make much more sense than trying to describe it. 
This makes me happy because usually I have a really difficult time moving from a two dimensional idea to a three dimensional idea.  Ariel was equally exciting to work on although I had less concept sketches to work from and more of it was created as I went.
My favorite piece to make was the headband.  Someone said she looked like a little butterfly with antennas which in hindsight sounds like a strange compliment for a robot, but it works well for the character.
From these photos I am working on a watercolor rendition of these two characters because they are my favorites.  I am also working on a few more paintings based of HMS Tempest... but those are still top secret!  I am also working on some more furniture painting for my stepmom's store Inside Out Sautee.  Pictures of that will be forthcoming!
And lastly I have been hired by the Sautee Nacoochee Community Center as the scenic artist for their production of Headwaters: Birth, Death, and Places In Between.  This will encompass a lot of woodgraining- I look forward to the challenge!
So, as they say onwards and upwards!  

Cross Post

So I just posted quite a bit of new stuff on my DeviantArt The only problem is that with this new scanner I am still trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to get the colors right. So right now some stuff still looks a little funky!

But without further ado here is some of the new stuff I have:

"Just a Tree"
"Wind Bookmark"
"Fire Bookmark"
"Scared Bunny"

Also I am taking a cue from my friend Serena And will be offering five pieces of free postcard art to the first five people who leave there name and what they want on the piece on my Deviant Art page. I would do more but I am swamped with other projects and an art show coming up, But if this goes well I'll do this again later, because I like doing artwork for other people!

Off to build props now! Have a lovely day!


New Stuff!

                Click on each picture for a better view of the piece!



Post Art Show

Well, the show went well!

I only sold one bookmark, but I met a lot of really cool artists and people in general, and I am pretty sure Laura was VERY glad that I was there.

I spent most of the day as liason to the artists, and running the raffle every half hour.  I think we're going to tweak how that works for next year.

I discovered a better way to price and arrange things, but the stand Kalin made worked wonderfully!  He is going to make me more of them.  And I discovered I probably priced my stuff to high-but isn't that how it goes.  You try one thing and when it doesn't work you try something else.

More later, rehearsal is ending! 

Art Show!

I have an art show coming up this Sunday at Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta.  I am helping promote the show and as part of my payment I get a table for free.  Heather is going to come and help me run my table while I help with the show.

What I am taking:

Snow Dragon Prints
Snow Dragon Originals [they'll look very nice, since their framed]
Bookmarks of various kinds
Postcard pictures [I'm hoping for 15 or so]
a few random watercolor images

The tables are sort of small so I am thinking that will be enough.  I anticipate if I sell anything it will be the bookmarks, but every little bit helps right?

Thursday will be my big day for finishing up pieces!

Today...I will work on getting my list of stuff together and making sure everything is organized and ready to go!  Yay!  I'm finally getting to sell some artwork! 

Good News!!

 I will have a chance to get to a scanner today to um...well scan stuff!!  Among the goodies I hope to post later today:

1. Strange Walker [my Creature of the Week idea from conceptart.org.  I missed the deadline for posting, but I'm still proud of the picture.  Still needs a few tweaks but I want to get it up here!]

2.  Batch of Halloween Bookmarks!  [They're soooo cute!]

3.  Other finished bookmarks!

4.  A few new sketch pages,  Yes, I've actually been sketching!!

More to this effect later today! WOOT...I need coffee....