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Tofu Toast Studios!

As Presented by Ralph the Wonder Llama.

Tofu Toast Studios
5 September 1984
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Tofu Toast Studios strives to create unique individualistic art with a touch of bizarre whimsy. Wether it is caricature, portraiture, papercraft or custom painted furniture, we at Tofu Toast Studios want to bring you only the best in unconventional artwork!

This journal is to show the different projects in the works by the studio's main artist Lainey E. Welsch. She works in a variety of mediums ranging from watercolor to hotglue, acrylic to colored pencils and whatever else may have pigment in it that can be smeared on a canvas! She is currently accepting commissions; if you wish to get in contact with her please email at lainey_welsch@yahoo.com or leave a comment here. Thank you very much!

Coming soon: a pricing guide for all products offered!